Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reassembling an Engine

Q: Why did you disassemble the engine? 

A: I disassembled the engine to study the parts and to figure out how to start putting the pieces together.

Q: What are you going to do with the engine now? 

A: Well as you can see, the engine is empty. I'm going to start reassembling the engine step by step.

Q: Do you know tools we need?

A: Of course, Well first off you need a Piston with a connecting rod.

Q: What next? 

A: Then you want to get a Piston Ring Compression, a ratchet and an extension. 

Q: Is that all you need? 

A: This is all you need for this first step. A Piston, A Piston Ring Compression a small ratchet and an extension, I used a 1/4" Dr. 3" Extension.

Q: Okay now that we have the tools what do we need to do next? 

A: As you can see above in the picture, i already put the piston in the Piston Ring Compression so that the piston rings can be leveled out. Afterwards, you want to push the piston down so that it can go in. 

Q: Once it's in, what do we do next? 

A: Once it's in make sure that the connecting rod comes out with the oil slinger sticking out.  

Q: Now that i put in the piston what do i do now?
A: The picture above shows the piston with the crank shaft. We are going to be putting the crank shaft in. 

Q: How do we put in the Crank Shaft? 

A: Align the crank shaft with the hole that's there, then connect the crank shaft with the connecting rod

Q: Once it's in, what's next? 

A: You're going to get the piece that comes with the connecting rod and put it around the crankshaft then fasten them. 

Q: After we fasten them what are we going to do next?

A: As you can see in the picture, The pencil is pointing on the Tapits. We're going to put in the tapits in the holes above. Tilt the engine backwards a bit because they'll fall out if they were to be put in straight. 

Q: Do we keep the engine tilted back? 

A: Yes because next we are going to put in the cam lobe and cam gear, that'll serve as a holder for the Tapits. 

Q: Okay the cam gear is in place, what do we do next? 

A: As you can see I the photo that the pencil is pointing on an indent on the gear. We are going to time both gears together. Meaning, the silver gear has a dot, we are going to match the indented gear with the silver gears dot. 

Q: How is it suppose to look like ?
A: It should look something like that. The indented part is aligned with the dot on the silver gear 

Q: Okay it's aligned, what's next? 

A: You see the brown thing? Yeah it's called a Gasket, we need to seal off any gaps between the case and the engine itself. 

Q: Once that is in, what do you do next ? 

A: Now we are going to put the head case on, also if you can you can put the bolts in so you won't lose them, just hand tighten them.

Q: Where do we put the bolts? 

A: 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom and 2 on the sides. Total of 6 bolts. Remember just hand tighten them for now.

To be continued....